Nursery Class at Barlow Hall

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Animal In-tuition, Andrew & his animals – Red group, 12th July

Andrew & his animals – Red group – 12th July on PhotoPeach

Animal In-tuition. Andrew & his animals – yellow group 12th July

Andrew & his animals – yellow group – 12th July on PhotoPeach

Animal In-tuition, A visit from Andrew & his animals – Blue group 12th July

Animal In-tuition – Andrew & his animals-Blue group. on PhotoPeach

Dinosaur Day

Dinosaur Day – 1st July on PhotoPeach

Stan the T-Rex

Stan is the nickname given to a fossil of the dinosaur species, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Stan was found in Hell Creek formation, South Dakota, USA in 1987 by Stan Sacrison. Stan the T-Rex is between 67 and 65.5 million years old. The original fossils are housed at Black Hills Institute of Geological research. It is a well known specimen and one of the most complete. About 30 casts of the original Stan have been sold worldwide each for a price of about $100,000.

We went to visit a cast of Stan at the Manchester Museum.

Foundation Stage Garden

Nursery garden – Beanstalk update on PhotoPeach

Family Fun Day activities – outdoor painting and making play dough

Family Fun Day on PhotoPeach

Family Fun Day

A Belated thank-you to all our families for the fantastic turn out for Family Fun Day, the Nursery children and staff had a lovely day ! The ‘malleable’ area of our Nursery has always been very popular with the children and playing with dough is a fabulous fun way for the children to strengthen and exercise their hands which improves pencil control ! We hope that you enjoyed making play dough with your children and are using the recipe at home.  If any parents, grandparents or carers didn’t get a copy, please ask for one !

Super Thinking Day: 10th June 2011

Super Thinking Day – Problem Solving: Can you make a cave for a bear ? on PhotoPeach

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The Tiger who came to Tea on PhotoPeach